Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Allie's Valentine box

If you have kids, they are getting ready for swapping Valentines at school within their classes. Our kids have to make "mailboxes" for their Valentines out of whatever they can find. Years past our boxes have been pretty boring, cereal boxes covered in paper with stickers or drawings, shoe boxes with wrapping paper, etc. Nothing really neat and creative. This year we went a little overboard!!

Allie, 3rd grade, loves flamingos and everyone that knows Allie, knows this. She has clothing, bed sets, sunglasses, towels, hair barrettes, plates, cups, Christmas ornament, etc all with Flamingos on them. Our local librarian knows all this about Allie too and whenever she sees a flamingo, she thinks of Allie. So much so that when she saw the Flamingo Treat Holder in the Feb.'08 Pack-o-Fun magazine, she copied the directions for Allie.

We changed it just a little as they cut down their oatmeal container and we did not! Allie did all the painting and hearts, I did the rest. From head to feet, our flamingo is 29 1/2 inches tall!! After seeing Allie's mailbox, I think the school will change the guidelines for Valentine mailboxes!! lol


Anonymous said...

very cute....but one question....where do the valentines go?

Kimme said...

This is sooooo cute! I'm sure all the other kids will be jealous.